Who do I work with?

I work with many types of businesses and publications in the finance, health, lifestyle, and travel industries. I write content for businesses who want their content to matter to their clients.

What do I do?

Content Strategy Planning is one of my favorite activities. I work with you and your team to create a content marketing plan that sets goals, makes the most of your sales or event calendar, saves time, and gets measurable results. Strategies including blogging, social media, and guest posting.

Long-Form Content Writing is a pillar of content strategy. The average length of top-ten search results is over 2000 words. I take SEO by the reigns and get your site to the top of search results while offering readers the content they need and actually enjoy. Beyond blog posts, long-form content includes Ultimate Guides, Lead Magnets, and e-Books.

Website Content Writing consists of things like product descriptions, employee bios, and landing pages that gain client trust and convert visitors to customers.

Social Media Management is one of the three pillars of e-Commerce success, but it is also a major time suck. Let me take your social media to the next level, organically building followers and earning engagement to keep you top of mind.


“In just a short time working together, J.J. has already proven to be a vital resource to our content team. She consistently delivers stellar work…and at a record turnaround rate, to boot! I know I can trust her with a wide variety of projects, not only due to her creative malleability but also because of her unmatched reliability.”

~ Nick Dehn, Insurify

JJ Starr is a passionate and inspiring writer with a raw talent that captivates every audience. Her creativity transcends the stagnant mediocracy of today’s content writers and instead offers a refreshing literary experience with every publication. We’ve worked together for projects including digital media content, web SEO, short team biographies, brochures, flyers, traditional advertising and so much more. She comes highly recommended for literally any type of project.

~ Kendra Baxter, Creative Director at KBax Studios

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